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Serving the Children of the World

Massapequa Kiwanis Is Supporting Our Community
During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Massapequa is doing some great things since the onset of this horrific pandemic.  The club put together a separate committee “The Crisis Committee” to do our part in supporting the needs of the community.

There are three parts to this Crisis Committee

Food & Restaurants,

Out Reach

Community Service/Mental Health.

We have presented funds to two local drug stores, Arlo and Stuart’s pharmacy to help cover co-pays and or prescription costs of customers. (For one reason or another) who may not be able to pay for prescription medication and or critical necessities.
Massapequa Kiwanis continues to support our local restaurants and first responders. We arranged with mikados restaurant to provide 100 meals and 100 bottles of Gatorade to Saint Joseph Hospital. With our arrangement with Broadway gourmet we provide lunches for several ER walking facilities and a local nursing home.

The needs in the church pantry I sure want to continue to rise. We will supply I’m going for the next few months food staples diapers and formula to keep the pantry stocked.  We have identified individual families and helped the accordingly.

We are planning to put together a field of honor to recognize first responders.  Their hard work and dedication shall never be forgotten.
It is because of the loyal support Massapequa Kiwanis gets through fundraisers like golf, bocce, bowling, and cornhole that we have both the funds and luxury of giving back to our community.  We are a group of dedicated hard-working people who will continue to support the needs of the community to the best of our ability.  Please Donate today!

3 Ways You Can Help!

We Need Your Help

The members and friends of the Massapequa Kiwanis Club would like to thank you for your generosity. 

Our club could not exist without your generous donations received throughout the year. God Bless You and God Bless America.