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FACT: Drugs Are In Our Community

Growing up in Massapequa we didn’t see the level of drug use in our community that we see today. We have young children with heavy addictions and sadly we are seeing more and more overdose victims and one too many deaths. The Kiwanis of Massapequa has seen enough and we feel we need to help our community. We have developed an anti drug initiative and have the permission of the Massapequa superintendent to distribute the components to the parents and children of the Massapequa School district. The initial program will consist of a booklet with great preventative and consultative information, a phone app, phone number (for 24/7 access to a counselor) and poster campaign. It is with great enthusiasm that we have the opportunity to share the ability to help children in our community with you. You have an opportunity to be part of our commitment to building and preserving a healthy vital community. Unfortunately, we cannot do this alone; we need the generous and responsible financial support of other members of our community. Please see the sponsor levels below and partner with us to help save our children from the horrific onslaught of drug addiction in our town. The children of the Massapequa’s will be forever in your debt.


24/7 Live Counselor – 516-342-3355

The Complete "Drug Guide For Parents"

View and Share! the interactive online version of the complete “Drug Guide For Parents”

This complete Drug Guide for Parents is now available for quick and easy reference. Access vital information on drugs most commonly abused by teens — marijuana, prescription medicine, Ecstasy, alcohol, cocaine and more — including photos, slang terms and short- and long-term effects.

This information is given by Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, which has comprehensive, up-to-date information on the drugs most commonly abused by teens. Help prevent teen drug and alcohol abuse.  To find out more go to



Nassau 7th Precincts

Nassau 8th Precincts516-573-6800 

Nassau County Community Affairs – Pam Starke – 516-573-7360

Suffolk 1st Precincts631-854-8100


Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling

Long Island Council of Alcohol & Drug Dependences (LICADD)
516-747-2606 ·

Nassau Alliance for Addiction Services (NAFAS)

New York State

North Shore LIJ South Oaks Hospital
Comprehensive Outpatient Behavorial Services –

YES Community Counseling


Nassau University Medical Center, East Meadow –

North Shore LIJ, Plainview · 516-719-3000

South Oaks Hospital, Amityville – 631-264-4000 

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bethpage – 516-579-6000



Berner Middle School

Massapequa School

MHS Ames Campus516-308-5850 · MHS Main Campus – 516-308-5950


(For young people)

drugfreeli.org516-203-7486 (Drug Free Long Island) (Internet safety information) (Archive of lyrics to songs) (Massapequa Public Schools Student Support Services) (Internet Safety for parents and youth) (Treatment & Prevention) · (For parents) (A free web resource that provides information about addiction and mental health issues) · (Prevention tips & Interactive e-Learning) (Overcoming Drug Addiction: How to stop abusing, find treatment and begin recovery) (Strong body, strong mind: How to start a healthy eating and exercise plan) (How to be sober & happy when everyone around you is drinking)

We Need Your Help

The members and friends of the Massapequa Kiwanis Club would like to thank you for your generosity. 

Our club could not exist without your generous donations received throughout the year. God Bless You and God Bless America.